3 Learning Gaps: An Instructional Design Approach to Identify and Solve Them​

The 3 learning gaps and instructional design approach featured image showing a wall of the library with dark shelves and old books

Excerpt: Anything that involves practice in order to improve is a skill, not just knowledge gain. So when considering that skill is the fundamental learning gap, I believe we design courses without catering to the other learning gaps (motivation, habit, environment or user experience); In turn, learning is insufficient, which often leads to failure.

10 Rules of Excellent UX Writing

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The primary goal of writing is to communicate something effectively. User Experience writing or commonly referred to as UX writing is the craft of designing the words people see when interacting with a product. UX writers are mainly responsible for microcopy (menu options, button labels, error messages) and macrocopy (terms and conditions, confirmation page texts, […]