eLearning 101

Humans have evolved and reached the top of the food chain at a much quicker rate as compared to the other species on the planet and a lot of credit goes to learning. The ability to retain information and pass it on to generations has helped us improve the quality of our lives and now, after entering the technology age, humans are trying to revolutionalize learning, eLearning or Electronic Learning is at the center of this revolution. 

In this course, we will take a deeper look into what eLearning is and how you can create a good quality eLearning course.

Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to eLearning and different levels of eLearning courses
  • Identify the critical checkpoints in the project lifecycle of an eLearning course
  • Understand the basic resource requirements while creating an eLearning course
  • Understand the metrics involved in developing a project plan for an eLearning course

Course Content